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About Us

A small team based in Scranton, PA and Ireland at the start of our journey

The background

Having worked for the last three years as a start-up developing recruitment software, our world was turned a bit upside down when Covid-19 hit and global recruitment slowed considerably. So we decided to take the opportunity to come up with something new.

We were inspired by companies like Ecosia, TOMS Shoes, Warby Parker, Cotopaxi, Patagonia and more to build a business that does good in the world. We realised that as a team we are passionate about three things: the environment, physical health and woodwork. So we decided to build a business based around those three passions and 100 Tree Furniture began.

Experience working from home

Utilising our backgrounds in architecture, design and the tech start-up world we developed our range of easy-to-assemble WFH workstation solutions. Having worked as a remote team for over three years we are well experienced with the issues people face when they begin to work remotely. A big feature of working from home is that rooms require dual functionality; the ability to switch from a bedroom to an office and back again when necessary. So we wanted our products to be easy to assemble and equally easy to take apart and store away.

Physical health and spine support

On the physical health side, we are also aware that most WFH is done on laptops which are not ergonomically designed. While working on our previous start-up our founder actually spent most of his time working while lying down on a makeshift version of our current lie-down stand. He feels it did wonders for his lower back pain. We therefore decided to update that product and bring it to market along with our 100 Tree sit-to-stand desk and Standing Desk converter. With these three products we have covered all of the possible bases to ensure you are comfortable and taking care of your spine when you work from home.

Local manufacturing

All of our timber products are manufacture in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania where we are blessed to have wonderful manufacturing partners. Their specialist knowledge is invaluable and, on a broader note, they provide great employment opportunities to people living in rural PA which we feel is important to support.

What really drives us

We are fortunate to have partnered with some amazing tree planting charities to help us on our mission.
This Green Mission is what really drives us.

Shout outs

We have been blessed on our journey with support from the Mayo Local Enterprise Office. They are extremely kind and knowledgeable people who helped us immeasurably to get our business up and running.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions please hit the button below to fill out our contact form.

We would be delighted to hear from you!

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